Kids Progress..

Aliyah did her assesment test yesterday. For Prep student here, they have to undergo some test to see their ability in numerical, and words. She did pretty well despite she did not go to any of kinder last year. She’s only attend once a week playgroup session for 2 hrs yet she still can count, write nicely,able to identify letters draw and read by the pictures. And she’s not even 5 years old until this 18th March!   I’m just a SAHM here, while hubby’s allowance is just enough for basic need.  Thank God what a brilliant girl I have and I also did some teaching, watching the educational VCDs also could courage them to learn, ie. Sesame Street CD, Elmo’s world, and many more..

At the city center..Pose macam model!


Aisyah is totally different from Aliyah.. She’s more into sport person. While I waiting to see Aliyah’s teacher yesterday, I saw her playing lari-lari with bunch of boys! I called her and asked why don’t you play with her girl friends.. and she said the girls do not want to play that! She’s sooo active in school, running, likes tennis, play ball, jumping.. not sure if I should let her doing that more seriously..maybe become tennis player one day? hhmm..But she also has developed her reading skills and spelling as well.. she can read on her own and good in doing maths.. so well done Aisyah!

At the Myer during Christmas sale


Alima is going to be 3 tomorrow! I did not send her Kinder this year..too small and she still on her diaper. Here, if you want to send the kids, they should be diaper free..heehe..unlike Malaysia, we still let our kids on diaper to kinder, cikgu pun malas nak antar budak ke tandas.. kalau umur 3-4 tahun laa…kalau dah 5 tahun haruslahh dah tak pakai diaper.. 😛   So this year planning to get her on potty train.. once a day I did to her in the morning.. she  weewee then only she told me .. :>  I’m planning to teach her writing, need to buy the book for her, and she started to draw some pictures too! Can count 1-20, A-Z, still in the learning of identifying letters.. you go girl! 🙂

Big baby Alima!


Arifa….. little girl who can become  a big monster! eheheh.. her favourite is gigit orang! Habis kakak-kakak dia kena gigit including the mother! sakit ok dia gigitt.. tak ingat punya.. veryyyy cerdik nowadays.. she can know what we asked her to do, calling all her sisters name..the landlord punya anak kat belakang ni pun pandaii disebutnya! she 1 1/2 years old now.. but I see her more mature than her age.. can hold the pencil like older kids, trying to count like her sister 1-10.. and she still breastfeeding..hopefully can continue till she’s 2 years old.. Ifa and Ima always have a a big kids fight! pushing, tarik rambut, sampai menangis laa.. I guess they are jealous with each they are only 1 years apart.. pantang sorang tengah manja dengan kita, mulalah sorang lagi datang mengacau.. 😦   Will try not to differentiate and be equal to them.

Smile always!


So, that’s about them.. 🙂   Till next time!


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Currently a housewife and a mom of four girls. Love to cook and bake for the family. Wanted to learn sewing but no opportunities.....

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