Zoo again!

If you lived in Melbourne, you must go visit the Melbourne zoo once if possible.. We really had so much fun every time we visited zoo again and again and again… ehehehe.. maybe it is just because of us or because of the kids really love it or it is the zoo itself which is full of animals compare to the zoo in KL..

Last Thurday, I brought my friend’s daughter, Aina whom I babysit with 2 of my youngest daughters while their two sisters went to school. So it is more about babies trip to the zoo.. πŸ™‚ The idea of going to the zoo came from my husband who one day discovered that Aina also loves animal when she keep looking at the zoo newsletter in our house. We receive the newsletter every month since we became members of Friends of the Zoo (FOTZ) and also granted access to the zoo FOC for a year which will end this July 😦 . Since it was during the weekdays, the zoo was a bit quiet and a lot of peacocks and birds scattered around welcoming us.Β  We spent for about 2Β  1/2 hours (which is actually too short if you are to see all of the animals) justΒ  to see elephants-the kids favourite animal, kangaroo and giant tortoise. Surprisingly, or may be just our luck that day, the kangaroos seem very friendly where we could even touch their tummy and they did not move a bit. Alima as always try to show some bravery by asking the kangaroo to jump… but the kangaroo just ignore her probably the kangaroo is too full after an early breakfast that morning. We also had a closer look at the Orang Utans which is very difficult to get if you come during the weekends.

I think it is elephant behind us.. πŸ˜›

aina at first quite nervous.. πŸ™‚

with the zebras..

The oldest tortoise in the world.. i think it's 80years old..

aina dah start berani dekat dgn tortoise..ehehe

Kangarooshere are very lazy to jump.. πŸ˜›

ifa takut nak dekat dgn kangaroo.. ehehe
Alima scared with the orang utan .. πŸ˜›
Ima with her favourite animal! πŸ™‚

burung merak berkeliaran..

jump kangaroo! jump! πŸ˜›

ok.. till the next update! Have a good one!


About FOUR A S
Currently a housewife and a mom of four girls. Love to cook and bake for the family. Wanted to learn sewing but no opportunities.....

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