Aliyah is 5 today!

I still remember gave birth to Aliyah 5 years ago in was on Saturday just after maghrib.. Since it was my first experienced in Malaysia, the fear of going to labor room just as the same as my first pregnancy..

My hubby was at work that day, leave me and my parents waiting if I wanted to go to hospital. I said I still can bare the pain. I remembered my midwife in UK, she said, “you only can come to hospital when you cannot smile anymore.. If you are in pain but still can smile.. it means you are not ready for your labor.”Β  πŸ˜› At first I taught it can be that bad..but it is true!Β  With Aliyah, I waited until I really cannot even smile and can’t managed the pain anymore, then I decided to go to the hospital. 7.00pm, after my hubby came from work, we straight away go to the hospital, which is onlyΒ  in front of our house.. LOL! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€Β  When we arrived, the nurse called the doctor, and they get ready for the deliver..Alhamdulillah, just after Maghrib, around 7.45pm Aliyah was born on 18th March 2006.. It such a quick and easy labor for my second child, contrast to Aisyah with almost 11 hours in labor room!

When she first arrived here, 3++ yo

My baby girl Aliyah already 5 years old! And already in primary school! Happy for her.. πŸ™‚

When she's 2+ years old..

Small celebration for her and her friends..

with frens and mommies..

with frens and mommies again.. πŸ˜›

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

more food..hope they like it..


Thank you to our friends who came to celebrate her birthday.. Happy birthday Aliyah Sakinah.. semoga menjadi anak yang solehah, cerdik pandai dan sihat.. Amin.

p/s:need to back-dated the article to her birth date.. lama sangat x update blog.. πŸ˜›


About FOUR A S
Currently a housewife and a mom of four girls. Love to cook and bake for the family. Wanted to learn sewing but no opportunities.....

2 Responses to Aliyah is 5 today!

  1. Rafiqah says:

    Happy Birthday Aliyah! Be a good girl, ok..

    Chedah, which part of Melbourne are u?

  2. FOUR A S says:

    Tq Auntie.. we at glenroy,east side kot..

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