Second term begin…

Pejam celik dah habis cuti sekolah budak-budak ni lebih 2 minggu.. Today started the second term of the school and the girls are all excited! Mana taknyaa.. cuti tak kemanaa langsung except weekend outing only.. the father really busy with the studies.. coz he need to finished all the lab before we went offΒ  ‘Balik Kampung’Β  next June.. πŸ™‚Β  need to save some money for ‘cuti-cuti malaysia’ for two months..hehehe.. sebenarnya mak dia yg tak sabar nak balik.. PENAT ok.. πŸ˜›

With the new term begin, my mom also will be going back home after almost a year with us.. She’ll be leaving on 8th May.. huhuhu.. few more days to go.. then after a month will be our turn.. πŸ™‚

This morning when I sent them to school.. there’s a big board at the front of their school gate..

nampak tak muka sapa kat dalam tu…

dekat sikit..perasan tak tu..

ehehe…glamer gitu anak mama sorang ni..:P

macam besarr jee dari budak2 lain kan..

wahh.. terpampang muka dia dlm class .. πŸ™‚ I wanted to take her picture next to the banner.. maluuu la pulakkk.. πŸ˜€

Till the next update, good day!

Jalan-Jalan Sabtu

Actually it’s more to Jalan-jalan Ahad.. but I like to maintain my weekend as jalan-jalan Sabtu .. πŸ˜›Β  The weather was good.. around 22’CΒ  and sunny.. We head up to Queen Victoria Market, after more than a year here, finally we reached there..ehehehe..Β  Kalau mak tak balik..takder laa nak ke sanaa.. πŸ˜›Β  You can find many sorts of souveniersΒ  and quite cheap too.. But you need to go on Saturday or Sunday.. if you go during weekdays, the price are more higher.. that’s what people said..


We did not went to their wet market .. with the kids yg macam lepas dari kandang! and so many people too that day.. my hubby did had a look at their fish market..and he said quite pricey compare to Preston market.. mmg lah kot..dah nama pun kat tengah bandarr.. mahal la kann.. Mom bought some souveniers there.. from the Chinese Malaysian guy! keh keh..mana2 pergi punnn.. org diaaa jugak yg juall!

susah betull nak amik gambarr...

boleh lagi kejarkan burungg..

tak menyempatt!

After 2 hours, we headed to Williamstown.. about 10km from city center.. Hubby need to take 30 bags of sand beach for his experiment..

just few km from city..

helping papa put the sand in the plastics..

nasib laa cuaca sejuk..tak boleh laa mandi manda kat laut..huhuhhu..

prefer williamstown beach to st. kilda..nice sandy beach..

alamak..nampak pampers..ehehe

si kecikk mengadee..

dan lagi..

main pasir having fun..

sisters in 'crime' .. πŸ˜›

model topi..



"mama, bird.."


bird kejar ifa! πŸ™‚

my big girl Aisyah!

wahh..banyak pulak post pictures this time.. anyway enjoy the pics .. till the next update, good day! πŸ™‚

Winter is coming!!

School holiday has gone for a week and only one more week left.. and we are caught with colds and flu!!! Starting with Aisyah, start coughing and runny nose.. then Arifa, Alima and now Mama’s turn!.. huhuhu..

Alhamdulillah Aliyah is getting better with her asthma.. we figure out some foods that she cannot eat or if she eat it will trigger asthma.. One of them is tomato sauce by Masterfood.. no wonder all this while she always get cough everytime I pack her lunch with tomato sauce in that.. yesterday I made some french toast and added the sauce.. few minutes after that she’s getting cough.. so that must be one of that.. It stated in the package that it produce in the place that have produce peanuts..Will try to find other brand and do some trial and error.. πŸ™‚

Last Saturday we went to Smith Street, where all the sports brand shops located.. more like an outlet and all the goods are for international orders and second factory..Not as cheap as I expected..I would prefer DFO than here..

Till the next update, good day!

Jalan-jalan Sabtu

Last two week we did not went out.. I had Ladies Get Together group came to the house.Β  Alhamdulillah almost 20 mothers not including the kids and few fathers stay together. We had the opportunity to invite Kak Intan@Dr Intan, a Dr peadiatricΒ  who is doing PhD here and specialist on allergy.. The topic was about eczema, the common scenario for the kids here.. Dah sibuk2 gitu lupaa laa pulak nak mengambil gambar.. iskk.. rugii rasaa… Seronok jugak buat jamuan dan majlis ilmu dirumah kita..orang kata rezeki datang nanti.. Alhamdulillah..

The next day we went out to Northland shopping centre in Preston. It’s our first visit to that mall.. really big and have Myer too.. dah setahun lebih kat sini tak pernah jalan ke sana..padahal dekat la jugak dengan rumah.. ehehe..nampak sangat x berjalan.. πŸ˜€ We just had our lunch there and window shopping.. πŸ™‚

Model kedai makan mana yer..cuba teka? πŸ˜›

Budak kecik ni bukan nye kita suruh dia posing..dia pulak yg posing sendiri dgn ayam tu..ehehehe.. After lunch we walked around the mall..tak beli apa punn.. πŸ˜›

Till the next update.. good day!

Agar-agar Gudir

One fine day on hot sunny day, agar-agar or jelly can make us feel a bit cool.. so few agar2 wanted to try but this one never tried turns out really good and nice.. As usual the recipe from Kak masakan dia memang menjadi dan sedap πŸ™‚ )

Agar-agar gudir

Pertama kali dengar agar2 gudir.. tau makan aje..nama tak tau..ehehe..Β  resepinya menggunakan agar serbuk, tapi saya gunakan agar2 bertali tu..(yang ada dalam stok)Rasanya pun ada berlemak sikit sebab pakai santan dan telur dicampur..

memang menyegarkan.. πŸ™‚

Ok.. enjoy the recipe here.Β  I’m just copy paste and edit what I’ve done the different.. Nanti boleh buat lagi.. πŸ™‚

Agar-Agar Gudir

Source: Kak Fida@Myresipi

Bahan-bahan ( loyang 10×10 inc. )

  • 1 peket agar2 serbuk (guna agar- bertali dlm 2/3 paket)
  • 200 g gula melaka(takder, guna dark brown sugar)
  • 50 g gula pasir
  • 1000 ml air(lebihkan dlm200ml sebab nak bg agar2 tu larut)
  • 1 helai daun pandan – disimpul(x letak)
  • 1 kotak kecil santan – 200ml santan dlm tin
  • 3 biji telur
  • garam secukup rasa


  1. Masak gula melaka,gula pasir dan daun pandan dgn 1/2 bahagian air hingga mendidih dan gula larut. Tapis.
  2. Santan,telur dan garam di pukul rata dgn garfu.Ketepikan.
  3. Di dlm sebuah periuk, masukkan agar2 dan 1/2 bahagian air lagi dan kacau dan masukkan air gula tadi,masak hingga mendidih dan tuangkan campuran santan tadi dan kacau sekali dua aje. Biarkan adunan terus mendidih lagi hingga campuran santan nampak timbul berketul2 dipermukaan. Kacau rata2 dan matikan api.
  4. Tuang agar2 ke dlm loyang atau acuan2 kecil dan sejukkan. Simpan di dlm petisejuk sebelum menghidangkannya.
  5. Pastikan loyang atau acuan2 dibasahkan dgn air sebelum menuang agar2, tujuannya ialah supaya agar2 mudah dikeluarkan.

sekali makan memang nak lagi.. πŸ™‚

Ok.. selamat mencuba. Have a good day!