Jalan-Jalan Sabtu

Actually it’s more to Jalan-jalan Ahad.. but I like to maintain my weekend as jalan-jalan Sabtu .. 😛  The weather was good.. around 22’C  and sunny.. We head up to Queen Victoria Market, after more than a year here, finally we reached there..ehehehe..  Kalau mak tak balik..takder laa nak ke sanaa.. 😛  You can find many sorts of souveniers  and quite cheap too.. But you need to go on Saturday or Sunday.. if you go during weekdays, the price are more higher.. that’s what people said..


We did not went to their wet market .. with the kids yg macam lepas dari kandang! and so many people too that day.. my hubby did had a look at their fish market..and he said quite pricey compare to Preston market.. mmg lah kot..dah nama pun kat tengah bandarr.. mahal la kann.. Mom bought some souveniers there.. from the Chinese Malaysian guy! keh keh..mana2 pergi punnn.. org diaaa jugak yg juall!

susah betull nak amik gambarr...

boleh lagi kejarkan burungg..

tak menyempatt!

After 2 hours, we headed to Williamstown.. about 10km from city center.. Hubby need to take 30 bags of sand beach for his experiment..

just few km from city..

helping papa put the sand in the plastics..

nasib laa cuaca sejuk..tak boleh laa mandi manda kat laut..huhuhhu..

prefer williamstown beach to st. kilda..nice sandy beach..

alamak..nampak pampers..ehehe

si kecikk mengadee..

dan lagi..

main pasir having fun..

sisters in 'crime' .. 😛

model topi..



"mama, bird.."


bird kejar ifa! 🙂

my big girl Aisyah!

wahh..banyak pulak post pictures this time.. anyway enjoy the pics .. till the next update, good day! 🙂


About FOUR A S
Currently a housewife and a mom of four girls. Love to cook and bake for the family. Wanted to learn sewing but no opportunities.....

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