Golden Churn Butter

Recently there’s a memo from Jabatan Agama Islam Johor (JAIJ) regarding the issue about golden churn butter that is not halal..

one of Ballantyne products

It is confusing to me when it has a Halal certified from NZ while in Malaysia reported as not halal by JAIJ but not JAKIM.. I lived in Melbourne where there’s Halal cert from all over the world..unlike if we are in Malaysia, we have Halal Malaysia cert that we look for.. I make an attempt to email their regional manager regarding halal status and this is what I get from him:

RE: Ingredients in golden churn butter

Hemmat Nasrallah <>

Add to Contacts
To:    Mohd Yahaya <>

Thank you Faridah,

Please rest assured All our butter sold anywhere in the world is Halal made out of Cow’s Milk.

Best Regards,

Hemmat S Nasrallah

Regional General Manager


Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Australia

Tel +613 96901766 Fax +613 96908582

Mob +61 404 828582

Web site

From: Mohd Yahaya []
Sent: Friday, 29 April 2011 10:11 PM
To: Hemmat Nasrallah
Subject: Ingredients in golden churn butter

Assalamualaikum Mr. Hemmat,
Regarding the golden churn butter, I had come across from in my country, Malaysia saying that this butter is not halal as it contains animal fat which is from the pig.
Please clarify this matter and what about the ballantyne butter that is sold in Australia is it contains any animal product?

Thank you.

Hopefully I will not be ‘was-was’ with halal issue from other countries anymore.. actually I never buy golden churn butter or product from Ballantyne..The butter quite expensive compare to home brand such as Aldi, Coles and Woolworth.. 🙂  Yesterday when I was doing my errands in Safeway, I found this chocolate with 50% off ..

Ballantyne product of chocolates

so I bought one and the taste was soo good.. Can buy their chocolate products again..

Till then, have a good day! 🙂


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11 Responses to Golden Churn Butter

  1. Mohd Hamka says:

    What is the current news on the on the “GOLDEN CHURN BUTTER” whether it’s a “halal’ product which muslims are all concerned about? if you have any prove to convince me pls. share.

    • FOUR A S says:

      salam, I have not email to jakim for this issue, but from the email that the regional manager emailed to me have prove tht they are using halal ingredients. if you are in Msia, maybe you could contact JAKIM for more detail..

  2. Segala Halal Haram adalah ditentukan oleh JAKIM.

  3. Emma Watson says:

    Kalau ragu2, jgnlah makan, masih ada makanan lain yg tidak akan menyebabkan anda kebulur… masalahnya dengan org islam ialah ragu2 dan bertanya melalui maya… anda pasti orang yg anda tanya itu beragama Islam dan menjalankan ibadah sebagai muslim? bagaimana jika dia hanya menggunakan nama muslim sahaja?

    Jika anda telah bersua muka dengan pengurus tersebut, maka tahniahlah dari saya kerana usaha anda.

  4. Nick says:

    I called Jakim and spoke to one of the officers there this very morning after I read the news about this issue on Berita Harian. According to him, the issue with Golden Churn started in Sarawak when the state religious department stated that it’s not Halal. He said GC sold in Sarawak and Semenanjung comes from 2 different distributors. The one found non-halal is in Sarawak and distributed by company A (sorry, dont know what the name is). Whereas GC sold in Semenanjung is Halal, and distributed by company B. I’m not sure about and not aware of these different distributors. But one sure thing is it holds the same brand name and manufactured by Ballantyne. But still I’m left confused why and how that porcine DNA could be found in that butter when they claim it’s purely cow milk. (Plus, I never heard any pig milk sold anywhere, even in the US where I lived for almost 6 years)

    Honestly, my family has been using this butter especially when baking a cake since my late grandma was still around back in the 70s. It does make cakes taste good. It’s pure butter.. Buttercup and farmcow are not pure butter.. they are made of millk and palm oil… if I remember correctly.

    I hope that porcine DNA are from other source, and not from this butter.

  5. T says:

    I was skeptical when I first saw the news. To be called a “Pure Butter,” you cannot have any additives. It is strictly Cream(milk) and salt (for salted butter).

    If it really contains pig fat, this can be a big story, and people can join and place a class action lawsuit against the company.

    But it really could be that those that they found with pig DNA are “Ciplak” butter. You know how it is in Malaysia, almost everything is pirated, so I don’t find that surprising if that’s someone trying to make a profit making a copycat brand name butter.

    Also, it could be that pig and cows shared some DNA strains. I don’t know. But I do find Jabatan Agama claims to be dubious since they made the conclusion strictly from lab findings, rather than from more extensive research that would include site inspection and see how the butter is actually made.

    I found this memo from the company on the issue:

  6. Young Muslim says:

    When buying this butter look whether it comes from Malaysia or NZ. If it is from NZ, eat without feeling guilty as they had really stick to all the strict regulation of Halal certifications and even their food control quality. Pig DNA in COWs milk? What are we talking about here. Even buying a litre bottle of Pig’s milk cant be found in any website. We all know that to make butter its from milk, milk solid and salt. I want to challenge that if this butter has pig’s strain, have the lab report in the newspaper so that even I will be convinced and have the sample packet and made from published widely. Even though I am a muslim, I dont just eat according to the pack.

    Come on people, just use a minute to browse through the ingredient and dont just listen to hearsay. If in doubt of some chemical content, note it down and browse through the WWW and you can find the answer. Halal and haram is from your judgement, not from anybody who tells you whether its can or cannot. If in doubt, refer to the Al-Quran, the answer to all keys.

  7. che mas says:

    Just yesterday, JAKIM has finally confirmed that the butter is not halal. It is also confirmed by the Ballantyne Food from New Zealand.

    refer here

  8. kholan mobarak ali says:

    jakim is so frickle minded ..sometimes they declare it’s halal ( 7.7.2011- The Star ) and now they say it’s not halal..and the best part is no action is taken against the importer only told to ” use the halal certificate granted to bring in halal butter” hello who are we kidding here….stern action should be taken. malaysia being the halal hub is so linient and relax in its procedure of granting ‘halal’ certificate. TAKE STERN ACTION.

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