Happy Mother’s Day @ Goodbye Mother?

Actually we never celebrate mother’s day, father’s day and many2 days .. 😀 Even mr. suami did not buying me the flowers, gifts on that day.. kalau terasa nak makan besar, makan jelah..   nak makan kek, bake je sendiri.. ehehe..   My kid’s school selling gifts for mothers last Friday. So I gave them $4.00 each if they want to buy anything.. Kesian pulak nanti kawan2 beli barang diorg tengok jee..dah la masa school days pun tak pernah membeli di kantin.. 😛  This is what they get me..

Gift from Aisyah n Aliyah

Aliyah's drawing

Card from Aliyah

Gift from Aliyah, diary n sponge bath..

Card from Aisyah

Mug and notes from Aisyah

On mother’s day too, my mom leaving us to Malaysia..huhuhu.. no more help from her and everything on my own now with the kids.. And I’m counting the days too as we are also going back home in june for holidays!! yeay!! 🙂 🙂 So the day my mom take off we went to the park just to have few photos during autumn..

at fitzroy garden

mak with the kids..except ima

amik gambar kat pokok ..tp tak byk sgt pokok luruh..

last day with us here..

after 2 days my mom left, aliyah said,”Aliyah want mak here, because aisyah n aliyah are boring!” ehehehe.. 😀 mana taknyaa.. takder orang nak layan celoteh mak nenek ni bercakap.. ehehe.. only 1 month to go..hopefully we’ll survive here.. 😛

till then, Good day! 🙂


About FOUR A S
Currently a housewife and a mom of four girls. Love to cook and bake for the family. Wanted to learn sewing but no opportunities.....

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