Balik kampung!

Perjalanan jauh tak kurasa,
Kerna hati ku melonjak sama,
Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara,
Yang selalu bermain dimata..
….balik kampung ,hohoho balik kampung,
Hohoho balik kampung hati girang!

Alhamdulillah..almost a week we arrived malaysia.. kids are doing good except the little one who still doesn’t want anybody and cranky a lot! letihh nak layan budak kecik ni.. Ima with her friendly mouth and asking this and that in English only..did not know Malay at all! tu yg rajin org dok layann dia cakap..ehehe..  While the two big sisters having fun seeing and playing with their cousins and uncles.. 🙂

For the mama and papa pulak, sibuk makan itu dan ini sesuka hati! ehehe.. at the moment we stayed with my in-law at melaka.. kids just lazy around and went to the beach..

bersantai at pantai puteri

ima kepanasannn.. :)ifa too..


with cousins

till the next update, good day!


Disconnected from internet more internet connection at home..cukup2 dah nk balik habis pulak credit broadband ni..Next Wednesday will be our flight back to Malaysia, another 7 more days! Yeay! :p

The weather really challenging here with max 11’c..just at the right time we going back home! 🙂

Till the next update, good day!

Counting the Days..

Yessss…in less than 3 2 weeks we are leaving Melbourne for 2 months! ehehe.. too excited coz am really feel tired and sick taking care of the kids ALONE while en.suami are only be at home after 10pm every day….huhuhu.. So hopefully I can have a rest and enjoying the sun leaving the cold and freezing for a while…. 😛

But before that there’s soooo many things need to be done. Our house will be rented as transit house.. at least ada lah sikit extra money while in Malaysia.. kids cloths and things not finish packing.. mengemas sampai nak balik baruu habis betul2 kott.. ehehe.. 😛 

Till the next update, good day! 🙂

p/s: cleaning mode ON!

image from google 🙂