Home sweet home..

Alhamdullilah..we arrived Melbourne 17th August, 11.30pm local time from Kl.. although I felt sad leaving hometown but it just feel good to be back here again 🙂 it is not that ‘kacang melupakan kulit’…but more to leave behind all the ‘kacau bilau’ .. :p
We suffered jetlag for 4 days including the kids! Luckily Aisyah and Aliyah managed to wake up early for school last monday..I’m still doing cleaning up and washing piles of laundry that we left before we went back to malaysia. Plus all the bedsheets that being used by our ‘short-term tenant’ .. we rent our house as transit house while we in Malaysia. Alhamdullilah the house is in good conditions.

I am still unable to blog from my computer..we yet do not have internet connection in the house. My husband still searching for the cheapest n affordable rate …hmmm..makes me really hard to use his ‘smartphone’ to blog..certain key I would not be able to click,scroll etc..soo many things wanted to write down but difficulty to type..haiyaaa…. :p

So till the next update, good day!


About FOUR A S
Currently a housewife and a mom of four girls. Love to cook and bake for the family. Wanted to learn sewing but no opportunities.....

2 Responses to Home sweet home..

  1. Izawati Wook says:

    hah idah dah balik.. tak sempat nak jumpa kat msia.. sat sangat rasa ye.. tetiba dah sampai kat melb.. see you then. we’ll be back by 14.9.

    • FOUR A S says:

      Salam iza..a’ah..dah selamat Sampai last week..tu lah..kejap je rasa..Mmg tak dan nk jumpa,Kami Mmg x kemana sgt..bdk batuk demam gilir2 dh rugi sebulan .. selamat hari raya,maaf zahir batin dr kami sekeluarga..

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