It’s a tiring school holiday for me.. kids, kids and more kids.. need a break from the kids 😛  Few quotes that really suits me.. heheh

from google

so, please do not asked for more.. and this quote makes me feels much better 😛

hmmm..how I wish.. :))


Have a good weekend all! and another tiring week waiting ahead.. huhu..


I’m 35!

Alhamdulillah..today, 11th January (kalau ikut kalendar omputih) I am turning to 35 years old.. couldn’t asked for more other than my precious family, healthy and imaan.. Ameen.. As usual, card from en.suamiku.. selalu diletak dlm almari..tadi tak nampak..ingatkan dah lupa.. pagi tadi suruh buat air letak gula(sekarang kalau minuman panas tak letak gula, just milo/tea/coffee with hot water and fresh milk-jaga kesihatan kononnya.. 😛 ) rupanya letak sebelah balang gulaa..ehehe.. kononn sweeettt la tuu.. 😀   Then yesterday he went to South Wharf outlet, katanya x tau nak belikan apa..semua dah ada..emmm..sabor je lahh..hehe..mmg pun kitorg dah lama x beli hadiah..sbb takder apa yg diinginkan..kalau ada yg berkenan beli jee tak kisah la birthday ke tak..that’s us.. As for me, just card that reminds the birthday..not the present.. 🙂  And no cake for me..  Aisyah told me not to make cake, coz u will know how it’s look like.. She said she’s gonna make it..she’s gonna buy the cake with papa..haha! 😛 ingatkan dia nak buat..rupanya dia nak belikan jeee…  😛  This weekend je la kalau nak keluar pun..


Till the next update..good day! 🙂 enjoy the weekend!


Alhamdulillah..we are in the year of 2012 now.. another year for us, insyaAllah in Melbourne, which mean it’s already 2 years we’ve been here.. Seeing en.suami dah kelam kelibut dgn PhDnya… 😛 well it must be the same for my friends whose doing their PhD here when they only had 3 years of scholarship granted for them by the our govt, when in average most of the students finished by 4 years.  We need to apply for extension another 1/2 year to get full allowances then another 1/2 year with no allowance.. hmm..mcm2 disekat org nak belajar.. menyusahkan je nak mintak2 extend, tulis surat lagi..dah buang masa kat situ.. Anyway, life must still goes on.. habis atau tak that is second..but as a wife, I must give courage for him all the time..Even I am not the one whose studying, but seeing all my friends here doing PhD makes me stress too.. 😛 It’s a challenging world for them but it makes you more mature and remember Allah always..  And as for me, stress jugak sorang2 jaga family kat sini, but there is one time you just don’t feel anything.. no sadness,happiness or what so ever, just doing your everyday routine..

Now that it is in January, meaning that I will be growing a year older, I’m going to be 35 years old soon.. 🙂 quite like the number 😛 I did gave myself ending age to have a baby..which is 35.. 😛 so my mission already accomplished! no more babies after 35.. Cukuplah 4 beautiful girls I already have.. now is the time to taking care of them to become anak solehah,insyaAllah. Thinking of going back home also makes me pressure.. Any job for me with my age? or what should I do back home then? With only 1 income living in the city with a big family quite a nightmare too..huhuhu..

New resolution for this year? To maintain my blogs, teaching my kids iqra’ and homeschooling Ima for kinder.. 🙂 ,upgrading my cooking and baking skills, ehehe.. 🙂 and of course to improve myself as a good Muslim, InsyaAllah.. and also doing some shopping for end year shipping.. 😛

Till the next update, Happy New Year everyone! Have a good holiday!