I’m 35!

Alhamdulillah..today, 11th January (kalau ikut kalendar omputih) I am turning to 35 years old.. couldn’t asked for more other than my precious family, healthy and imaan.. Ameen.. As usual, card from en.suamiku.. selalu diletak dlm almari..tadi tak nampak..ingatkan dah lupa.. pagi tadi suruh buat air letak gula(sekarang kalau minuman panas tak letak gula, just milo/tea/coffee with hot water and fresh milk-jaga kesihatan kononnya.. 😛 ) rupanya letak sebelah balang gulaa..ehehe.. kononn sweeettt la tuu.. 😀   Then yesterday he went to South Wharf outlet, katanya x tau nak belikan apa..semua dah ada..emmm..sabor je lahh..hehe..mmg pun kitorg dah lama x beli hadiah..sbb takder apa yg diinginkan..kalau ada yg berkenan beli jee tak kisah la birthday ke tak..that’s us.. As for me, just card that reminds the birthday..not the present.. 🙂  And no cake for me..  Aisyah told me not to make cake, coz u will know how it’s look like.. She said she’s gonna make it..she’s gonna buy the cake with papa..haha! 😛 ingatkan dia nak buat..rupanya dia nak belikan jeee…  😛  This weekend je la kalau nak keluar pun..


Till the next update..good day! 🙂 enjoy the weekend!


About FOUR A S
Currently a housewife and a mom of four girls. Love to cook and bake for the family. Wanted to learn sewing but no opportunities.....

One Response to I’m 35!

  1. iza says:

    sweet.. happy birthday idah..

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