April already?

Phheww.. loooong time been ignoring my blog.. not even blog hopping.. First of all, Alhamdulillah syukur my mom has arrived two weeks ago.. so imagine my life without my mom..ehehehe.. 😛 could not even updating my blog..had few things last couple of months need to update here.. my two daughters birthday, Alima and Aliyah birthday.. has not download the pictures from the camera…sighh..

Anyway am soo happy that my kids really happy with their grandma’s arrival.. They are so surprised coz they did not knew until they saw mak at the airport.. hehe..si kecik langsung tak keluar suara sbb terkejut..ehehe..  now senang skit lahh papa and mama nak keluar date.. 😛  pergi mana punnn, pergi market! 🙂

Till my next update..good day! 🙂