and the long overdue blog..

I’ve not been using lappy quite sometimes.. thus it makes me hard to write my blog using handphone or should I just say been busy with facebooking? 😛

Alhamdulillah, my in-laws came here last May for almost a month.. they enjoying themselves and would love to come again.. enjoyed fresh fruit, bread and fresh food everyday.. We went to Phillip Island, Ballarat and few places in Melbourne.. the entry fee is really expensive here..lagiiila family besar mcm kami..kena sediakan $$$$ just for the admission.. 😦

Apart from that, we also had guests for a week in June.. our dearest fren from Malaysia came and visit us.. and next week my hubby’s friend are coming too for work related reason.. and another week our friends from Adelaide will be coming staying with us for one week.. so the kids will be occupying their school holidays with their friends sleep over.. 🙂

My mom and mother-in-law at Victoria Market


sempat mengemas laman rumah kami.. 😛

mem besar tengok org buat kerja.. 😛


Ibu and my family at chocolate factory, Phillip Island


will upload more photos when time permit.. Have a veryyy good weekend and happy holidays to all kids here.. 🙂