Happy 7th Birthday Aisyah Sofia!

Alhamdulillah, last 26th October was her 7th birthday.. She’s been waiting for the day for ages, crossing the dates since september..ehehe..Β  We had few friends came for her birthday party on Sunday..Thank you for all the presents and came to our humble house..

Early morning before going to school..

Her Birthday cake..my firts attempt making edible image cake..

Barbie edible image on top of whipped cream is a NO! it makes the edible not smooth.. πŸ˜›

Then last Sunday, we invited their friends to join celebrating her 7th birthday party.. Thanks again to all that came to our house. Surely the kids had so much fun! Aliyah keep remind me for her birthday (which is faarrrr away in March πŸ™‚ ) to invite her Melayu friends .. hehe..Β  πŸ™‚ It was my first attempt too making a princess cake from scratch! But I would say it’s all worth it as Aisyah likes it so much and the cake finished in 2 days only.. πŸ™‚

My first attempt of princess cake.. lupa laa nak amik gambar ..

make devils choc cake as a base, and choc cake for the princess, with butter icing

this is the inside of the cake.. I use giant cupcake mould to make the dress..

My friend took the picture of the cake..Thank you!


some of the friends who came.. papanyaa lupaa nak ambil gambar! iskk..


Again, Happy birthday my dear daughter! May you become a good, solehah, healthy and wise girl.. Amin.Β  Love you always!

Till the next update, good day! πŸ™‚

ni sapaaa punyaa birthday sapa tiup lilinn haaa.. πŸ™‚




Continue from previous post..(been keeping as draft and revise for 3 weeks..hhmm..soo bz!)

Alima is 3 years and 7months old already and still wearing nappy.. trying to get off nappy but in this kind of gloomy and rainy weather.. memanjanglahh diaper penuhh.. πŸ˜›Β  Maybe next month will working on her potty train.. insyaAllah.. Alima has become a good sister to Ifa.. πŸ˜› hhmm..kalau tak gaduh satu hariii..mesti tak sahh! maybe because they are both girl.. so theyΒ  always fight and asking for attention.. ponatt mak nak layan ok! kalau kakak nangis, si kecik pun sibukk buat2 nangiss.. she’s good in drawing, computer and v-tech games.. quite early for her to know how to operate and play all this techs thing unlike Aisyah and Aliyah..

ima's drawing using computer.. she said it's Bolt the dog!

Alima in action with Arifa.. πŸ™‚

Arifa is doing well at her age.. she speaks well with her own way.. πŸ™‚ always being a BOSS to her sisters! Maybe she knows she’s the youngest.. mengadaaa lebih2.. Kecik lagi dah pandai tuduhh kakak yg buat padahal bukan kakak dia buat.. πŸ˜›

I'm 2 years old!


helloo.. πŸ™‚


Till the next update, good day! πŸ™‚


It’s been sooooo long I wanted to write on this entry.. soo much to say about the kids but sooo little time and energy to write.. As you know, I am all alone without my mom’s help here now.. It’s very tiring and challenging taking care of the kids and house.. started early morning, my job will only end after en suami arrived home late at night and serving dinner,do some washing, around 11pm.. uhukkk.. PENATNYA!

Tak payahla membebel pasal kerja.. lagi penat dibuatnyaa.. πŸ˜›Β  It’s been a month + we’ve arrived back here.. the kids has been settling down, but the family has been caught by stomach flu, cough and cold.. It’s a changing season to spring and many of us started to get sick, diarrhea etc.. some of my friends told me that if you did not get sick during winter time, you will get sick at the end of the season?? not sure if it’s true on not.. but this is our 2nd year we facing the same issue.. luckily this year wasn’t so bad as last year..

Aisyah has been doing well in her school last week..she has won book cover competition in her class and again for student of the week.. this is the second time in the year she got that award..congrats my dear girl!

Aisyah with her cert and present from the teacher


This coming october will be her 7th birthday..I am trying to bake a princess cake for her..It would be my first attempt, hopefully it turn out ok.. eheheh.. πŸ˜›

Aliyah just recover from cough and flu last two weeks.. 1 week absent from school..Alhamdulillah now she’s fine and healthy again..lately she’s been saying that she does not like to go to school..because she don’t like writing.. well for 5 years old girl they just want to play and have more fun..I just told her that it’s ok if you don’t want to write as long as you would be able to read that’s just fine.. nanti asyik paksa jee ke skolah takut boring pulak budak ni.. Besides school, she likes to talk a lot.. this is one ofΒ  her spontaneous video.


ok..another two little girls will update later.. housewife jobs need to be done.. eheheh… πŸ˜›

till the next update, good day! πŸ™‚

Balik kampung!

Perjalanan jauh tak kurasa,
Kerna hati ku melonjak sama,
Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara,
Yang selalu bermain dimata..
….balik kampung ,hohoho balik kampung,
Hohoho balik kampung hati girang!

Alhamdulillah..almost a week we arrived malaysia.. kids are doing good except the little one who still doesn’t want anybody and cranky a lot! letihh nak layan budak kecik ni.. Ima with her friendly mouth and asking this and that in English only..did not know Malay at all! tu yg rajin org dok layann dia cakap..ehehe..Β  While the two big sisters having fun seeing and playing with their cousins and uncles.. πŸ™‚

For the mama and papa pulak, sibuk makan itu dan ini sesuka hati! ehehe.. at the moment we stayed with my in-law at melaka.. kids just lazy around and went to the beach..

bersantai at pantai puteri

ima kepanasannn.. :)ifa too..


with cousins

till the next update, good day!

Jalan-Jalan Sabtu

It’s been a while I did not post anything on our weekend gateway.. not that we did not go anywhere..or we just went to the same place and doing the same thing, i.e:the groceries, went to DFO and such.. but no big thing that we bought..eheh..

Since autumn are gone in few weeks, we decided to have the kids enjoying the breeze weather and snap some pictures.. We planned to go to en.suami ‘s school, on the way there, we stopped over IKEA in richmond.. first time masuk IKEA sini.. so a bit jakun skit..ehehe.. inside are the same as in PJ IKEA.. the price is the same to me.. Aisyah n Aliyah pulak had a chance to play at the playland area..

playing at the ikea restaurant

posing pulak dia.. πŸ™‚

After about 2 hour, then we straight to Papa’s school in Hawthorn.. There’s a big park near uni..the kids enjoying their time playing around..

have fun at the park..

minah korea jap.. πŸ˜›

minah hongkong? πŸ˜›

aisyah n ima..

Aliyah n Ifa

makcik bossy sorg ni.. πŸ™‚

ima sempat main dgn kawan kat situ..

the big girl!

Ok..till the next update..good day! πŸ™‚