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Alima is 3 years and 7months old already and still wearing nappy.. trying to get off nappy but in this kind of gloomy and rainy weather.. memanjanglahh diaper penuhh.. πŸ˜›Β  Maybe next month will working on her potty train.. insyaAllah.. Alima has become a good sister to Ifa.. πŸ˜› hhmm..kalau tak gaduh satu hariii..mesti tak sahh! maybe because they are both girl.. so theyΒ  always fight and asking for attention.. ponatt mak nak layan ok! kalau kakak nangis, si kecik pun sibukk buat2 nangiss.. she’s good in drawing, computer and v-tech games.. quite early for her to know how to operate and play all this techs thing unlike Aisyah and Aliyah..

ima's drawing using computer.. she said it's Bolt the dog!

Alima in action with Arifa.. πŸ™‚

Arifa is doing well at her age.. she speaks well with her own way.. πŸ™‚ always being a BOSS to her sisters! Maybe she knows she’s the youngest.. mengadaaa lebih2.. Kecik lagi dah pandai tuduhh kakak yg buat padahal bukan kakak dia buat.. πŸ˜›

I'm 2 years old!


helloo.. πŸ™‚


Till the next update, good day! πŸ™‚


One fine day..

When the 2 eldest went school, the mother had a chance to jalan-jalan with Ima.. tak jalan mana pun.. we went to hubby’s school and walking along the street.. makan angin jee.. πŸ˜›

just arrived

posing lagi

petaling street x halal laa..

mama,this way mama..

yeah! I did it!

play pulak..

ok..time to go home..

end up..I did not manage to get anything.. layankan ima je lah jalan-jalan.. πŸ˜€Β Β  Lain kali nak jalan sorang je lah..before my mom going back home .. eheh..

Till the next update, have a good one!

Zoo again!

If you lived in Melbourne, you must go visit the Melbourne zoo once if possible.. We really had so much fun every time we visited zoo again and again and again… ehehehe.. maybe it is just because of us or because of the kids really love it or it is the zoo itself which is full of animals compare to the zoo in KL..

Last Thurday, I brought my friend’s daughter, Aina whom I babysit with 2 of my youngest daughters while their two sisters went to school. So it is more about babies trip to the zoo.. πŸ™‚ The idea of going to the zoo came from my husband who one day discovered that Aina also loves animal when she keep looking at the zoo newsletter in our house. We receive the newsletter every month since we became members of Friends of the Zoo (FOTZ) and also granted access to the zoo FOC for a year which will end this July 😦 . Since it was during the weekdays, the zoo was a bit quiet and a lot of peacocks and birds scattered around welcoming us.Β  We spent for about 2Β  1/2 hours (which is actually too short if you are to see all of the animals) justΒ  to see elephants-the kids favourite animal, kangaroo and giant tortoise. Surprisingly, or may be just our luck that day, the kangaroos seem very friendly where we could even touch their tummy and they did not move a bit. Alima as always try to show some bravery by asking the kangaroo to jump… but the kangaroo just ignore her probably the kangaroo is too full after an early breakfast that morning. We also had a closer look at the Orang Utans which is very difficult to get if you come during the weekends.

I think it is elephant behind us.. πŸ˜›

aina at first quite nervous.. πŸ™‚

with the zebras..

The oldest tortoise in the world.. i think it's 80years old..

aina dah start berani dekat dgn tortoise..ehehe

Kangarooshere are very lazy to jump.. πŸ˜›

ifa takut nak dekat dgn kangaroo.. ehehe
Alima scared with the orang utan .. πŸ˜›
Ima with her favourite animal! πŸ™‚

burung merak berkeliaran..

jump kangaroo! jump! πŸ˜›

ok.. till the next update! Have a good one!

Death by Chocolate Cake

death by chocolate cake’s the name of the cake I made for Alima’s birthday last week.. πŸ˜›Β  But really the taste are sooo yummy.. the cake very moist and full..Β  πŸ™‚Β  Will surely do more of this chocolate cake .. Got the recipe from Myresipi by mrsdayat. Thank you for your recipe.. I’ll paste the recipe as it is..Β  Enjoy the cake!

Bahan-bahan ( loyang 9″ )

  • 2 cwn gula (kisar) – I used 1 cup caster sugar. I didn’t blend
  • 2 cwn tepung (ayak)
  • 3 biji telur grade A
  • 1 cwn koko powder
  • 1 cwn susu cair- I used fresh milk
  • 1 cwn minyak(sy gune butter cair)- I used butter ~ 150gm
  • 1 cwn air panas didih
  • 1 tsp soda bikarbonat
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp esen vanila
  • **utk ganache**
  • 2 cwn non dairy whipping cream
  • 500g cooking chocolate
  • 1/8 cwn golden syrup
  • ##utk whipped cream
  • 1 cwn non dairy whipping cream


  1. tepung +koko powder+soda bikarbonat+baking powder di ayak bersama
  2. pukul gula dan telur sampai kembang, tambahkan esen vanila
  3. masukkan susu dan minyak/butter cair dlm adunan,kacau sebati
  4. masukkan bahan2 yg diayak (cara 1) kedalam adunan. gaul dgn cara kaup balik
  5. last skali masukkan air panas..kacau sebati
  6. bakar selama 45 minit pd suhu 175-180degree. bule juga kukus slame lebih kurang 1 jam
  7. **utk ganache**
  8. dlm mangkuk kecil, didihkan whipping cream
  9. bila dah didih,padam api…dan masukkan cooking choc. kacau sebati
  10. tambahkan golden syrup
  11. ambil 1 cwn ganache..bakinya simpan dlm peti sjuk
  12. ##utk whipped cream..pukul 1 cwn whipping cream sampai muncul soft peak, kemudian tuangkan 1 cwn choc ganache yg di ambil dr langkah sblum ini. kacau sebati
  13. kek yg dah siap..di potong tgh2. sapukan dgn whipped cream dari step di atas.kemudian lapiskan dgn kek yg separuh lg..sapu hingga menutupi keseluruhan kek.kemudian..simpan dlm peti sejuk lebih kurang 30 minit
  14. ambil kek yg dh disapu whipped cream td,sapukan pula dgn ganache yg kita dh simpan dlm peti(rujuk step 11).simpan semula dlm peti lebih kurang 30 minit

masih amatur lagi buat cake..the ganache not really smooth


Alima turns 3 today!

Three years back, 18th February 2008, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and we name her Alimatus Salimah which means in Malay yang Alim lagi selamat. She weight 3.5kg, the biggest among 4 sibling..and until now, she’s turn 3 today.. πŸ™‚

Few months old..

picture taken few days before her Nyangbah passed away..

When she turn 2 last year..

at the zoo..her favourite place to go.. πŸ™‚

make her 'cokkat' cake

and the beautiful girl turns 3 today..




Will love you always..