Jalan-Jalan Sabtu

It’s been a while I did not post anything on our weekend gateway.. not that we did not go anywhere..or we just went to the same place and doing the same thing, i.e:the groceries, went to DFO and such.. but no big thing that we bought..eheh..

Since autumn are gone in few weeks, we decided to have the kids enjoying the breeze weather and snap some pictures.. We planned to go to en.suami ‘s school, on the way there, we stopped over IKEA in richmond.. first time masuk IKEA sini.. so a bit jakun skit..ehehe.. inside are the same as in PJ IKEA.. the price is the same to me.. Aisyah n Aliyah pulak had a chance to play at the playland area..

playing at the ikea restaurant

posing pulak dia.. 🙂

After about 2 hour, then we straight to Papa’s school in Hawthorn.. There’s a big park near uni..the kids enjoying their time playing around..

have fun at the park..

minah korea jap.. 😛

minah hongkong? 😛

aisyah n ima..

Aliyah n Ifa

makcik bossy sorg ni.. 🙂

ima sempat main dgn kawan kat situ..

the big girl!

Ok..till the next update..good day! 🙂



Happy Birthday to Our Only Hero in the Family! :P

Yesterday, 25th May was my hubby’s 34th birthday.. May Allah Blessed with good health, iman and success in his career, Amin.. The kids as usual more exited because another cake for them and I tell you, one whole cake will be gone within one day! 😀  So here’s another homemade birthday cake for our hero.. ehehe..

Another choc cake esp for the kids..eheheh

If I want to make other cake than chocolate cake, for sure the cake will be seating in the fridge for soo long.. so just make the want that kids love most..even though it is more like a kid’s cake.. ehehe.. sorry mr.hubby.. 😛  I had made this cake previously from Alima’s birthday-it’s a Death by Chocolate cake from Myresipi.com .. This time I did not decorate with any buttercream/whipped cream..just plain M&Ms chocolate and it just perfect.. 🙂

Chocolate cake with Chocolate ganache.. mmmmm...

the deco just plain M&Ms and strip ganache using fork.. (sebenarnya nak tutupkan ganache tu tak licin.. 😛 )

aikk..ada yg hilangg...sapa punya kerja laa ni..

ooohhhh...budak comott ni rupanya yg amik!..ehehe..quietly took the m&m from the cake and eat..but did not realized the face yg penuh coklat! 😀

Papa and the Girls!!Happy Birthday Papa!

tak sabar dahh imaa nak ngapp! ehehehe..

Hmmm.. next birthday will be Arifah’s birthday in June.. and we’ll be in M’sia.. I don’t think I’m gonna bake birthday cake while in Msia when we have soooo much to choose from… 😛  kena mintak makcik2 pakcik2 dia belikan kek yg sodap2… ehehe..

till the next update, good day! 🙂

Eight Anniversary and Caramel Cake

Alhamdulillah.. on 16th May was my 8th anniversaries.. semoga bertambah rezeki dan jodoh berpanjangan.. amin.. We are blessed with 4 princesses at the moment.. 😛  I guess 4 is enough and to raise them are the biggest challenge we as parents needs to deal..

our angels..

the big sisters..

two little sisters

As usual, no celebration or what so ever..just make a plain caramel cake.. it’s my first time making this cake..if you like caramel pudding, so this is something you should try.. the taste is good too.

atas dia caramel..tapi a bit nipis..tersilap sukat susu..eheh

inside the cake..ok la for the first timer.. 😛

see..the pudding on top quite thin..should've been thicker..

here’s the recipe..thank you to Kak zu @aka Dapur Kakzu from Facebook..


2 @ 4 sudu besar gula -jadikan gula hangus..ratakan pada keseluruhan loyang supaye kek tak melekat pade loyang

bahagian atas:

1/2 tin susu cair @ 1 cawan susu cair – pakai susu fresh milk
70 gm gula castor – used 50gm only
1/2 sudu teh vanilla
3 kuning telur
kacau sebati..kacau dengan perlahan saja

lapisan kek (A)

140 gm tepung gandum
70 gm gula castor –used 50gm only
3 kuning telur
135 ml air
1 sudu teh baking powder
45 ml minyak
pukul telur kuning,air dan minyak hingga kembang..masukkan gula..pukul kembang lagi hingga naik skali ganda..masukkan tepung yang dicampur baking.powder..ketepikan

meringue (B)
6 telur putih
70 gm gula castor – used 50gm only
1 sudu teh krim tar2
pukul hingge kembang dan tak menitis.. –make sure there is no water in container..it will not peak.. less than 10 minutes only
-campurkan A dan B..KACAU DENGAN TANGAN or spatula..kaedah kaup balik. Bahagikan kepada 3@4 bekas dan warnakan mengikut kesukaan. I used pandan paste and with red, green color and choc.emulco

****masukkan karamel yang ditapis dalam loyang…masukkan adunan kek yng telah diwarnakan.

Masak kaedah double boiler…40 minit pertame gune api bawah..selebihnye gune api atas bawah hingge kek masak…apepun bergantung pade suhu kepanasan oven masing2.-no function for this..so bake as usual marie-bran style
Selamat mencuba.. till then, good day! 🙂

Winter already??

It has been freaking cold this whole week and raining all day.. it’s feel like winter but it’s only May.poor my kids they had cold and runny nose.. I had to bring my 2 small kids to pick up the sisters from school..it’s tiring with windy weather like this..now the mother getting sick too and did not function really well.. nk update blog pun x larat…huhu…

Till then…

Happy Mother’s Day @ Goodbye Mother?

Actually we never celebrate mother’s day, father’s day and many2 days .. 😀 Even mr. suami did not buying me the flowers, gifts on that day.. kalau terasa nak makan besar, makan jelah..   nak makan kek, bake je sendiri.. ehehe..   My kid’s school selling gifts for mothers last Friday. So I gave them $4.00 each if they want to buy anything.. Kesian pulak nanti kawan2 beli barang diorg tengok jee..dah la masa school days pun tak pernah membeli di kantin.. 😛  This is what they get me..

Gift from Aisyah n Aliyah

Aliyah's drawing

Card from Aliyah

Gift from Aliyah, diary n sponge bath..

Card from Aisyah

Mug and notes from Aisyah

On mother’s day too, my mom leaving us to Malaysia..huhuhu.. no more help from her and everything on my own now with the kids.. And I’m counting the days too as we are also going back home in june for holidays!! yeay!! 🙂 🙂 So the day my mom take off we went to the park just to have few photos during autumn..

at fitzroy garden

mak with the kids..except ima

amik gambar kat pokok ..tp tak byk sgt pokok luruh..

last day with us here..

after 2 days my mom left, aliyah said,”Aliyah want mak here, because aisyah n aliyah are boring!” ehehehe.. 😀 mana taknyaa.. takder orang nak layan celoteh mak nenek ni bercakap.. ehehe.. only 1 month to go..hopefully we’ll survive here.. 😛

till then, Good day! 🙂